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ADD: No.8, Wan Xin Road, Bin Hu District, Wuxi City, Jiang Su Province
TEL: +86 0510 85281166
FAX: +86 0510 85281155


Dear Parents,
We are delighted that you are considering Wuxi International School (WIS) for your children’s education. Our commitment is to foster cultured and competitive individuals with global vision.
We have been adhering to our educational goals ever since the establishment of the school in 2003. After reviewing our accomplishments over the past several years, we just realized how fast the school has progressed through such a short period of time. With the joint effort of our parents and all the staff, WIS has created a series of miracles. We have accomplished our goal of being a school that lives up to its mission: To make our students self-confident, independent and optimistic lifelong learners with a sense of thoughtfulness, modesty and unity, which definitely combines the culture of the orient with the west.

Wuxi International School moved to a new campus in September, 2012. It is located in Taihu New Town which is the brand new symbol of the open, ecological modernized city. Our new campus is about 48,000 m?, including 20 normal classrooms, science lab, music room, art room, library and the multi-function gym. Some classrooms are equipped with the advanced instructional media, such as the Handheld 3D printers, Interactive multi touch tables and Ipads. In adhere to the teaching purpose of integrating Chinese and western culture, with the application of the scientific and efficient ways of education, we will keep the leading level of the international education and embrace the bright future.


Qian Yanghui