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ADD: No.8, Wan Xin Road, Bin Hu District, Wuxi City, Jiang Su Province
TEL: +86 0510 85281166
FAX: +86 0510 85281155



Wuxi International School focuses on creating an environment of excellence – academic and personal excellence. Standards for achievement are high and we encourage students to take pride in overcoming challenges to meet or exceed these expectations. WIS welcomes and values all its students and their families. We aim to create an atmosphere where children feel safe and secure achieve their personal best.


We provide a high-quality curriculum that:

  • · promotes the academic, physical, cultural and moral development of students
  • · prepares children for adult life in an increasingly globalised society
  • · allows children to become fluent and proficient users of English and Chinese languages, whatever their native tongue is.

Our goal is high quality educational outcomes resulting in:

  • · high standards of achievement where all children develop to the best of their ability, both personally and academically
  • · high levels of student engagement and enthusiasm leading to students who are confident, secure and independent learners.


Success at school and in life is the result of positive choices to participate in academic, physical, social and emotional learning at all levels. Key to this is learning to relate well to others and to behave responsibly and appropriately in different circumstances. The WIS Code of Conduct for behaviour reminds students, parents, staff and other members of our school community what this means in practice.

Code of Conduct

  • · Communicate – speak and listen to each other actively and politely
  • · Co-operate – work and play positively with other members of the school community
  • · Challenge – strive to achieve personal best in learning and behaviour
  • · Care – protect your own and others’ safety and health and maintain a tidy environment
  • · Courtesy – acknowledge, respect and tolerate each other’s differences and views
  • · Consequences – be aware that all behaviour has consequences


Wuxi International School values positive two-way communication between families and staff. We are committed to providing families with access to timely information about student wellbeing and academic progress.

Families have a right to know about the progress and wellbeing of their children. With this right comes the responsibility for not communicating in ways that put at risk the wellbeing of staff and other students or their families.

Communication between students, their parents/carers and the school is vitally important and helps make sure that successful learning takes place. WIS has structures in place to guide open and effective communication between all stakeholders.

Communication Problems

Communication breakdown and conflict is natural among people who work closely together. At WIS we see problems and conflict as learning opportunities, because conflict can be a useful motivator for positive change when handled appropriately.

To ensure that all grievances or complaints in the school community are handled well we deal with problems:

  • · rationally and reasonably
  • · in the strictest confidence
  • · with mutual respect and genuine goodwill to resolve issues both quickly and to the satisfaction of all concerned.

In all cases the first point of contact must be a discussion with the person with whom you have an issue. This can often be done informally in a normal conversation.