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Teaching And Learning

We have chosen English as our medium of instruction. Students from non-English speaking backgrounds are placed in the English as a Second Language (ESL) bridging program. The aim is to ensure that they can cope with the language requirements of their age level at the end of the program. ESL support is provided both in class and in specialist intensive instruction classes.

We recognise that many of our students also have Chinese as a second or other language. Therefore the WIS Chinese Language and Culture Curriculum is continually refined to meet the diverse needs of our students. Classes are offered at all levels from beginner to advanced HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or Chinese Proficiency test). Students are placed in different classes according to their language proficiency levels. Further information is available in the Academics section of our website

Small Class Sizes

Our school flexibly arranges small-sized class teaching so that we can support the learning of all students.

Professional Teachers

All of our teachers have teaching qualifications and many have a degree in another discipline. Our international teachers are from English speaking countries including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Ability Driven

In several our core subjects, students are grouped by their ability level. This allows students to advance their understanding of these subjects and optimise their learning potential.

Supplementary Programs

Students are placed at their appropriate level to ensure they receive the help they need. Additional sessions are provided to help students in problem subject areas. Class teachers are always available to work with students.


WIS offers a program of extra-curricular activities four afternoons a week in the eighth lesson period. Activities offered include Ballet, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Modern Dance, Ukulele and Guitar, Science, Art, Mechanical Club, Science, Roller Skating, Badminton, German, Cooking and Booster Classes.

The School Day

The School day starts at 8.30 and students are permitted to enter school grounds from 8.00. Students are dismissed at 16.00 and students who do not travel on a School Bus must be collected from school by an approved adult as soon as possible after 16.00.

There are 9 lesson periods in the day, including extra-curricular activities (see the Electives section below).

School Facilities

WIS has modern teaching facilities situated in a beautiful schoolyard. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive white board as well as learning tools required for the different disciplines in each level.

We have an auditorium that can seat 500 persons with fully-fledged sound and lighting facilities for stage performances.

· Our state-of-the-art Science laboratory supports Biology, Chemistry and Physics activities for all levels. In addition, we have specialized rooms for arts and craft, dance, music as well as a computer lab.

· We have three media resource libraries, besides books and other reference material, each library is equipped with iPads for teachers and students to use.

· For sports, we have an standard sized track and field (including a soccer field). For indoor activities, such as basketball and badminton, there is a multipurpose sports gymnasium.


Our school canteen can comfortably seat 300 students. Our kitchen is managed by our in house executive chef and his team of 8. We offer an International menu that is designed by our in house dietician.

Our team of dedicated chefs takes pains to plan and prepare well-balanced and nutritious meals that cater to the needs of our students and promote good health. Our daily lunch menu includes cuisine from different countries including a salad bar that serves fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits. The kitchen professionals ensure that delicious and nutritious food is served daily to nourish the minds and bodies of our students and staff.

Health Screening Program

At WIS, we not only focus on the academic pursuits of our young learners but also introduce healthy lifestyles. Trained nursing staff are on duty throughout the school day in our on-campus health facilities to provide students with medical support in the event of illness and injuries on campus. Our team of doctors and nurses periodically conducts basic health screening for our students to detect any possible health risks, such as obesity, as early as we can. Dental checkups and more comprehensive health screening are also conducted periodically by medical experts.

Parent Involvement Committee

In order to interact meaningfully with our parents and address their concerns, we have established a Parent Involvement Committee. The school meets with members of the committee at least once a month to give and obtain feedback, plan and organize events. WIS parents also volunteer and help whenever there is a need.