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At WIS your child will get a great start to their school education with our dedicated team of early learning staff. Our Foreign teachers come from English-speaking backgrounds. Their international backgrounds help your little ones get a truly global perspective that is appropriate to their age and stage of development. Our Chinese co-teachers and assistants support and develop your children to get the most out of these important early years.

We provide three different Kindergarten levels

K2: Age 2-3 (Age is counted from date of birth)

K3: Age 3-4 (Age is counted from date of birth)

K4: Age 4-5 (Age is counted from date of birth)

K5: Age 5-6 (Age is counted from date of birth)

Aims for Child Learning and Development

Child learning and development must involve the whole child. At WIS our Kindergarten teachers make sure that children develop skills and maturity in these areas

Cognitive – learning about the world around them and developing skills that prepare them for school work

Physical – healthy eating and active play

Emotional – regulating feelings and understanding more about themselves

Social – interacting with other children and adults

Every day children have opportunities to participate in age-appropriate, relevant, activities that help develop these 4 aims. Here are some examples:

  • Cognitive: Asking and answering questions about a story read by the teacher.
  • Physical: Outside Play Time (Structured and free-play) and sports electives.
  • Emotional: Conveying feelings through talk, facial expressions and physical gestures.
  • Social: Learning to play well both in groups and by oneself.

Basic Curriculum

WIS students come from different backgrounds and WIS Kindergarten teachers continuously tailor curriculum to ensure that children’s needs are being met.

Age-appropriate activities are provided every day to allow for growth in the 4 areas of development. We aim to give all children chances to express themselves and share what they learned at school through a variety of activities such as art, music or movement.

Thematic Course

WIS Kindergarten uses a thematic teaching plan. Classes will delve into themes such as Space, Wild Animals, Dental Health and practice all areas of development with activities related to these themes. Depending on the individual teacher’s style and on the needs of a specific class, themes may last for 1 week, 2 weeks, or more.

Character Development

WIS places great importance on the development of a child’s character to go hand-in-hand with the development of a child’s academic skills. For example, children will learn about the science of evaporation or the number of teeth in a shark’s mouth. They will also have lessons about talking to strangers, how to talk about feelings, what to do in an emergency, and so on.

Special Activities

WIS Kindergarten provides children with many opportunities to participate in special activities. These activities can include field trips, holiday celebrations from different cultures, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day parties, and special elective classes such as baseball. New activities are often added during the school year and parents will be notified by the school about these new programs.