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Notice of Students' Insurance

Time: 12 Sep. 2017    Author: WIS
 Dear parents,

To help you understand more about China Ping An supplementary medical insurance, here is a brief introduction of the insurance for your information:

Insurance conditions: All the healthy students and children, (both physical and mental health), who register in school or kindergarten, can be considered to participate in the insurance. ( For the person who takes the insurance for the first time, he/she will have to wait 90 days for the plan to start. For the person who renews, he/she will not restricted by the 90 days limit)



Notes for insurance claims:

1. If the hospitalization or clinic resulting from the accident or illness are not included in the insurance coverage (illness, treatment of disability and recovering before the insurance), here are the materials are needed after treatments (besides the certificates).

(1) Copy of a guardian's ID (passport), bankcard, residence booklet (passport) copy of the insured, (both guardian and the insured should be on the same residence booklet).  Students 18 years old and older can only provide ID or passport, copy both sides.

(2) Clinic: Receipt and medical record. If it will be reimbursed by company or Social Security, please bring the copy of the receipt and related reimbursement settlement.

2. Materials required for hospitalization medical insurance:

(1) All the medical documents and original voucher for medical expense: receipt of the medical expense, discharge records. Other documents like inspection report can be provided together.

(2) a. Residence booklet or passport of the insured.

   b. Residence booklet of the guardian, guardian's ID and bank account.

   c. If you entrust others to do the claims, please provide entrust letter and other documents to prove.

If there is need to do hospital transfer, especially to the hospital in other cities or provinces, please provide proof of hospital transfer.