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All about the WIS CARES: Environment Project

Time: 11 May. 2017    Author: WIS
 Wuxi International School(WIS) launched the ¡°WIS CARES: Environment Project¡± on March 27th. It is one of our ¡°WIS CARES¡± themed projects.  It is important that students learn to be grateful, helpful, as well as have care and concern. Every small act of love is just like a seed that will eventually thrive and bloom. This is what brings us true happiness.  


Opening ceremony





A visit to Suntech






A visit to landfill





A visit to Metro Station





A visit to  Environmental Education Station





Environmental Art Work Exhibition





¡°WIS CARES¡± is the community arm of Wuxi International School. Our school aim is to support and encourage all our teachers and students  to contribute to the community.