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Building Friendship through Learning about Chinese Culture

Time: 16 May. 2017    Author: WIS
 As China is well known for its long history and splendid culture, the Grade4 and Grade6 students in WIS took part in the Building Friendship event through Learning about Chinese Culture.

During the event, our students had the opportunity to witness folk art such as sugar painting, inside painting, Chinese ring puzzle, and purple clay pottery etc. The students were elated to see such examples of wonderful acts performed by skilled folk artists. What’s more, they were able to get involved in some activities and interact with the folk artists which aroused their interest in learning Chinese culture further. Everyone enjoyed being immersed in traditional Chinese art.

This activity not only enriched our students’ school life and broadened their horizons, but helped them gain further understanding of Chinese culture and feel its power and charm. Through this opportunity, we hope to have propagated Chinese traditional culture among our foreign students.