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WIS English festival

Time: 18 May. 2017    Author: WIS

    2017 Wuxi International School English Festival was started in May 17th. It is reported that the English Festival is a grand annual festival at Wuxi international school. It aims to enrich the students' campus life and further improve their comprehensive English ability. From May 17th to 19, all primary and secondary school teachers and students will devote themselves to this activity to show the international students' English presence. This event includes the English song competition, spelling bee, debate, drama and world travel games. At the opening ceremony, a humorous video made by the teachers to open the mystery of the English festival was shown to the school.

    All primary and secondary school students were fully prepared for the English festival activities. In the first game of the afternoon of May 17th, the English song contest, classes performed musical instruments, a cappella, dance and other elements. The students' talents and English skills were all shown amazingly in the contest.

    After the song competition, secondary students had a debate about what’s more secure: nuclear fuel or fossil fuel. The students used fluent English to explain the importance of the safety of energy sources

    The teachers in charge of English week think that this is the most exciting and interesting English week .