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WIS visitors from Korean School

Time: 26 May. 2017    Author: WIS

    Recently, Wuxi International School received a request from the Korean school wanting to visit WIS. Their main purpose is to familiarize themselves with fundamentals of building an English curriculum, and how to best assist Asian students in improving their English.

    Coincidentally, Wuxi International School held its annual English festival through May 17th to May 19th, in which both Primary and secondary departments were involved. It was an excellent opportunity for the Korean School visitors to experience this. In addition, it was a good chance for students in WIS to showcase their English speaking abilities to our visitors.

    As the Korean visitors were shown around the campus, they discovered the strong presence of English everywhere they went. Posters on the wall, conversation during the break time, even when they walked through our kindergarten area, they witnessed English being fully used during each period, such as circle time, snack time and outside activity time.

    The guests were invited to join in one of the English festival activities, the Merit team Event. This event was called “Passport around the World” where each group went to different country themed classroom. There the students participated in interactive games related to that country so that they could obtain points.
    The Korean visitors had fun with the activities, more importantly; they found the level of English required very impressive. They said the visit was meaningful and hoped to share more wonderful learning opportunities in the future.