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Water fight

Time: 07 Jun. 2017    Author: WIS
 Yesterday¡¯s Water fight, which was held as part of the merit team activity was the personification of the statement ¡®never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun¡¯. Everyone that participated from the young students, the secondary students and even the teachers were seen running around being carefree, laughing and cheerful.

Being able to have fun together as a school falls at the root of building a more cohesive and integrated school environment. This we hope will act in empowering our students with a stronger sense of pride in their school.

The student teacher dynamics were reversed on the ¡®battle field¡¯ for the majority of the time as we saw the students working together as a team to attack their teachers, encouraging better communication between the students. More importantly the students having the opportunity to interact with their teachers in such an a playful environment emanates a stronger and more positive relationships, which will translates/transmits in their classrooms too.

This was a good occasion for the whole school to let off some steam before the finals examinations, and we hope everyone had a memorable day.