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The Best Way to celebrate the Fatherí»s Day

Time: 16 Jun. 2017    Author: WIS
 Were your wechat moments all about beautiful moms last month? Now ití»s time for dads!! Wuxi International School (WIS) Kindergarten Apartment invited their fathers to celebrate Fatherí»s Day with kids together!

Before Fatherí»s Day , the kids were busy with preparing presents for their Dadí»s. They wrote letters to show how much they love their Dad's . They made the coolest ties. The warmest were the real hugs and kisses for their Dad's! Putting work away for a while, the kids have got fantastic moments with their Dadí»s that caní»t get from their Momí»s. After the present part, they played soccer with their Dad's . Did you see those happy faces in the sunshine? Wasní»t it the best way to celebrate the Fatherí»s Day?!