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Graduation season, our best memories

Time: 27 Jun. 2017    Author: WIS

June is the graduation season which is the most important season to the six graders of WIS. In order to make their graduation season meaningful, they held a series of graduation activities to make their primary school life unforgettable.

The graduation tea party

    The graduates talked about interesting memories in their school days in Chinese class using the PPTs designed by the teachers to select the most talented, the bravest and the kindest student in class...... The students talked freely and had lots of fun reviewing the past and looking forward to their future. 


Draw my primary school

    The G6 students used their spare time and drew these impressive pictures. The pictures clearly showed their own growing process and wonderful time in their primary school.






My growth book

    The students completed the graduation book in their Chinese class. On this book, students wrote about their own stories and pasted their pictures as well. In their books, they shared interesting memories of childhood and their pictures taken through the six years of primary school. As their teacher, I am very proud of their excellent work.