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2017 WIS Graduation ceremony

Time: 29 Jun. 2017    Author: WIS

The annual graduation ceremony in WIS was held on the afternoon of June.29th. All the teaching staff, parents and students attended the momentous occasion giving their best wishes to the graduating students.



The ceremony commenced with a microfilm that depicting the school life of the G6 and G9 which they themselves created, giving us an insight into their world at WIS. This was followed by congratulatory speeches from Mr. Barry, the director of school affairs at WIS, teacher representatives and parent representative; all of which were inspiring in their own achievements.  







    The graduates spent a long time preparing a wonderful show which included singing, dancing, and drama performance which captivated the audience, especially the younger ones.  

   The G6 girls’ energetic performance “Shake it off” showcased both their dancing and singing talents as well as well as their zest for life. Moreover, the G9 rendition of “Snow White” moved away from the more traditional damsel in distress narrative, instead portraying the female protagonist in an inspiring light in line with the reality of the strong modern day women we all know. The underlying feminist tones were both refreshing and hopeful.



However, the most moving part of the ceremony was when the parents of the graduating students took the stage; presenting special congratulatory gifts to their children. They then sang together expressing their pride, love and best wishes to the graduates.

Principal Yang issued the certificates to the graduates; who beamed with happiness and excitement. Following this, the student representative gave speeches to express their gratitude to the school, the teachers and their parents.

After the graduation ceremony, we had a whole school farewell party with a wide array of delicious food, we can safely say that the chocolate fountain was the most popular where some of the students most certainly got carried away with the chocolate fountain. This was the perfect opportunity for everyone to mingle and take photographs of their last event at WIS.  




Graduation is not the end of learning but merely a stepping stone for their new school life. ‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’, we couldn't agree more with these words by Malcolm X, and we hope that a continuous fulfilling learning experience awaits all our students in their future.