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This Is The House That We Built

Time: 20 Sep. 2017    Author: WIS

 As Septembers theme is ‘All About Me’ the children will be spending each week looking at different aspects of their life. This week K4 have been focusing on their own homes and the many different types of houses that people live in around the world. The class reading station has been filled up with a variety of house themed books, from books about ‘Homes That Move,’ to literary classics such as ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ Every table in the classroom has been assigned a different room of the house, so that the children always get the chance to practice their English. 

 All week the class has had lessons based on ‘My Home’ and this weeks art lesson gave the children the opportunity to brush up on their geometry as well as their interior decorating skills.

The lesson began by reading a book about all the different types of homes that can be found in the centre of the city and out in the suburbs. The class talked about how their homes were similar to those found in many cities around the world.

 After this we looked at a typical cross section of a house and discovered all of the different shapes that can be found, like triangular roofs and rectangular doors. They then took turns deciding whether the bathroom should be on the first floor or the second floor and how may bedrooms their house should have. We also discussed what could be found in each room. To finish each student was given their own house blue print to decorate and furnish for themselves.