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WIS triathletes!

Time: 20 Sep. 2017    Author: WIS
G3 Gene, G4 Tina and G6 Jason from WIS competed in a testing triathlon in Shanghai. After weeks of training after school and at the weekends they were finally put to the test at the official race in Shanghai's Dishui Hu last Saturday! Competing in a triathlon is a difficult task for most people, never mind combining this with studying too! 
G4 Tina completed this challenge without her tiresome training having any impact on her studies. It was her first time taking part in the triathlon in her life. She completed it perfectly although she had her leg scratched when getting out of the swimming pool. However, she continued to cycle for 3.2 kilometers and run for 800 meters before she hit the finishing line. “She joined the challenger group this time. But I’m sure next time she will be capable of joining the master group where the timer will be set.” said Tina’s mom confidently. G6 Jason got the 36th place out of more than 900 participants in the master group competition.

Congratulations to the WIS challengers! We are all extremely proud of you!!