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Nothing But Flowers

Time: 26 Sep. 2017    Author: WIS
As part of Kindergartens theme of “All about me” Teacher Judy has spent the week talking about feelings and emotions. On Tuesday K4  were busy talking about things that make them happy. They then painted something that can brighten up anyones day, flowers. The flower of choice was of course a flower which best represents happiness, the Sunflower. 

Before the class got busy painting the children were given a quick art lesson by teacher Judy. She explained and gave examples of how different brush strokes can be used to recreate the various textures and patterns that can be found on a Sunflower. After this the children were all given paper plates, paint brushes and a pallets of paint. Then it was time  to let the children do what they do best and be creative. Each Sunflower painted was a unique expression of happiness.