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Fun Halloween in WIS Kindergarten

Time: 03 Nov. 2017    Author: WIS

The morning of Halloween students came dressed in their coolest costumes, many favorite repeats were superhero's, Elsa, Dinosaurs, and witches! The kids had fun showing off their costumes with their friends before they went trick or treating throughout the school. After we got bags of candy, we prepared for our second annual Halloween Parade, where kindergarten got to march in front of the whole school showing off our cool costumes. Finally we finished our spooky morning with our special Halloween party. Teacher Michael set up a spooky obstacle course feature witches brooms and Halloween balloons. Teacher Joey had the kids wrapped up as toilet paper mummy's, we enjoyed sticking our hands into our scary sensory bins of brains (noodles) and eyeballs (water beads), and finally relaxing with a special Halloween ice cream treat. What a spooky day!