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A visit to Wuxi Safety Education Centre

Time: 16 Nov. 2017    Author: WIS
Project work is the special way for WIS students to put the knowledge they have learnt in class into use. The topic for the project in this semester is Safety. This week we have had the much anticipated project week which has become the tradition of Wuxi International School.  

Following the tiresome exam period it's nice for the students to take some time out of their usual studies to learn in a more fun and interactive way. Paired up with different classes the students have been working in mixed groups to products multiple outcomes across the disciplines.


To kick start project week and gain a foundation of knowledge on safety, the primary students went to the safety centre in Wuxi this Monday afternoon where they were able to actively participate in safety precautions and experience hazards in practice. The students all learnt quite a lot about how to drive and walk safely on the road while having fun on the field trip. They particularly enjoyed riding around on bikes and in cars practicing their driving skills ready for when they finally get to hit the roads!