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Happy Thanksgiving

Time: 27 Nov. 2017    Author: WIS

Wuxi International School celebrated its fourth year of student made Thanksgiving lunch. The kids (and teachers) were hard at work Thanksgiving morning preparing the meal for the entire department. This is a great chance for kids to work together as a team and learn wonderful every day and motor skills, from mashing potatoes, cutting and pealing fruit, or scooping out egg yolks. Once the food was prepared, students help move chairs and tables, decorating them with table clothes, placemats, even candles. Then we got to enjoy and be thankful to share this wonderful lunch together.

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Menu:

Turkey with gravy

Apple Cider

Egg tarts

Corn and mixed vegetables prepared by K2

Mashed Potatoes prepared by K3

Green Beans prepared by K3

Dinner Rolls prepared by K3

Fruit salad with whip cream prepared by K4

Deviled Eggs prepared by K5