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Gobbling Good Green Beans!

Time: 27 Nov. 2017    Author: WIS

Kindergarten has been preparing for its annual Thanksgiving lunch. The students have been learning about what does being thankful mean, the symbols of the holiday, and of course the special foods that are prepared. To get ready for the big lunch, K3 started to prepare part of the food they will be making, green beans! As a class we reviewed proper hygiene for preparing food like washing our hands but also reminding them not to cough or sneeze on our hands or try not to touch our face. We also talked about how we should prepare the green beans, using our vocabularly words of long and short, big and small, when showing how to snap the beans into smaller pieces. Teacher Molly also showed the kids what parts of the green beans are yummy to eat and to discards the ends of the beans. Then the students got to work, grouped into 3 tables the kids went thourgh six kilograms in record time and remembered our food hygiene and what size the beans should be. We can’t wait for tomorrow to cook them and share with the other classes!