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Traditional ways provide a safer future

Time: 30 Nov. 2017    Author: WIS

Recently, the first grade teachers and students of Wuxi International School discussed the relationship between the Spring Festival and safety. They studied about the significance of safety in their lives.

Wuxi international school students from different countries and regions, already know all about Spring festival. The teacher also explained the special meaning behind every custom. Through the discussions, the students not only learned more about the unknown Spring Festival customs, but also were able to understand the meaning behind expressions.

Then in groups, the students discussed which safety rules they should pay closer attention to. During Spring Festival, these are some of the most important rules that should be closely followed: a healthy diet; set off fireworks safely; pay attention to crowded areas; security, theft and so on. Through this process, students were asked to think outside the box, but also practice their summarization skills.

In order to help illustrate their understanding of the holiday safety rules and customs, the grade one students were asked to make a poster. The posters were filled with safety rules both in the traditional customs and culture. Traditional safety culture rules still need to be remembered in order to live a safer life.