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Friendly and co-operative ties established between WIS and Singapore Nanyang Primary School

Time: 05 Dec. 2017    Author: WIS

Mr. Chan Cheong Cheong, Principal of Singapore Nanyang Primary School, came on a two-day academic exchange trip to Wuxi International School on November 29th. He provided high evaluation and useful suggestions for classroom teaching, management and students overall development.

As mentioned by Million So, the Education Director of WIS, Singapore Nanyang Primary School was able to learn about the international assessment and education system implemented at WIS and put this into practice back in Singapore. 

It was learnt that WIS has its own special identity in its curriculum setting. Apart from the subjects provided as part of the regular curriculum; such as linguistic science, math, physics, chemistry, social studies and literature, WIS additionally offers various elective classes; such as science exploration, maker space, cooking, roller skating, ukulele, etc.

Unlike Singapore Nanyang Primary school, WIS recruits students from all over the world. They all live in China, a country lacking in an environment in which English communication is used. It is a great challenge for those multiracial students to learn English well and get a better understanding of Chinese culture at the same time. During the visit, Mr.Chan led an in-depth discussion with the WIS teachers covering Math teaching and project work.


Better yet, WIS and Singapore Nanyang Primary School signed an agreement for mutual development which lays a good foundation for exchange and co-operation in the future. At the centennial anniversary of Nanyang Primary School, WIS will join in the design and production of the music video.