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You are my good friend!

Time: 07 Dec. 2017    Author: WIS

 Once you walk into the kindergarten of Wuxi international school, instead of hearing the crying and shouting, you will hear the children saying goodbye to their parents and good morning to the teachers. Even they don’t understand what school really means to them, every day they enjoy studying and playing here.           

It’ the first time in their life that the children leave their parents and get involved in a group to practice social interaction skills. Children found their friends in the warm WIS family. Every morning, a warm hug keeps the cold out better than a cloak. The children are gradually aware of the love and care from the teachers and classmates. Now going to kindergarten is all what they are excited about.    

Over the Half of this semester, they have been developed into competent babies who are able to get themselves dressed and fed. As their teachers, we enjoy the time when we listen to their talks and witness their growth.