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A Day In K5

Time: 13 Dec. 2017    Author: WIS

Continuing with our exploration of the community near WIS, K5 went for a walk to a different set of shops east of the school. The experience of this particular journey was much more exciting that the students or teachers could have expected.

As the class walked along a row of shops, they passed by some with a snack shop, a toy shop, and even a shop selling things for home repairs. The big surprise came when the students approached an auto repair shop.

The owner came out to see the excited and curious expressions on the students as they saw many things they had never seen before. For the next hour, the students got a lesson from a real professional mechanic. They learned about, and even got to use, many of the tools from inside of the shop.

Upon returning to the classroom, different students had different fond memories of the trip. Some most enjoyed using the hose to wash the car, some enjoyed watching the man change the tire of a car, and some enjoyed learning about the big hydraulic lift machine. One thing that everyone had in common, though...they all couldn't stop expressing gratitude for the chance at such a fun trip.