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More about Food and healthy diet

Time: 03 Jan. 2018    Author: WIS

To provide the students with more knowledge about a healthy diet, PE teacher James prepared a special class for them to understand what is in their food and the reason for eating certain foods.

Students were surprised at why certain foods, still looked the same 1 month later because it is full of sugar and other chemicals. For example, coca cola contains a lot of sugar, 11 spoonfuls in just one 600ml bottle which can also decrease concentration. 

Vitamin C helps to stop internal bleeding, colds, fatigue, heals wounds and can also make you less stressed. It can be found in food such as berries, broccoli, strawberries and many more. This is important with lots of students getting sick.

Calcium can ease insomnia, cramps and strengthen bones and teeth. This is found in sunflower seeds, milk and sardines. The body also notifies you when you need more calcium with white marks on the finger nails.

Iron is important for concentration and blood circulation which is found in meat, oatmeal, nuts and beans.

Students got great interested in this class although time is short for them to have a comprehensive understanding. They understand the relationship between exercise and diet, which are important to our health.