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Look, this is my breath

Time: 09 Jan. 2018    Author: WIS

 When the weather turned cold, everyone wore thick cotton clothes, a scarf and gloves. In order to let the kids know more about winter, Wuxi International School PN kids to the outdoors with teacher, look for the winter.            

"Teacher ,look, how does the tree trunk have white paint?" "That's lime water. Babies are wearing thick cotton padded clothes. Big trees also wear clothes. They can help trees keep warm and protect them from insects." All the way around the campus, the children said the changes in the school in the winter. "The teacher is going to play a game with you today, called the breathing game." "What is a breathing game?" The curious baby immediately asked. The teacher took the little friends to the glass and gave the glass a hot air, and the glass fogged. "Look, this is my breath!" Before the babies did not pay attention to this phenomenon, are very curious, a try against the glass pane, but also to face said: "I see my breath!"            

Although it is a simple and simple game for adults, the children's naive and curious smiling faces fully illustrate the love of the game. Life is all wonderful, let the children take us to slow the pace of this wonderful world!