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Practice Peeling Eggs

Time: 29 Mar. 2018    Author: WIS

We all know that the younger the child is, the more active he is. In order to enhance the coordination and flexibility of the children's hands and let them get more happiness from DIY, the K2 children from WIS are going to practice peeling eggs under the teacher's guidance.

It is as easy as a pie for adults to peel eggs, but for children, it is more challengeable. You have to balance the strength when knocking the eggs. How to peel the egg efficiently requires a lot of skills. After peeling the eggs, the children have to learn how to clean up the table. It is a work with the combination of using hands and brains.         

Although the eggs are not perfectly peeled, for them, it’s a landmark event in their school life. Seeing these eggs peeled, the children eat joyfully. Their fine motor skills have been trained and their self-confidence has been enhanced greatly.