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What Did You Do At School Today?

Time: 03 Apr. 2018    Author: WIS

Many parents probably ask their kids this question several times a week if not every day. Many parents similarly are familiar with the common answers of "nothing" or "I don't know." As teachers, we know that kids' days at school are full of much more than "nothing."

Simply asking a child what they did during the day is all but certain to result in one of these information less responses. Instead of vague and open questions, parents should think of more specific questions that have more specific answers. "Did you have recess today? Who did you play with?" Kids will likely remember their recess time and the friends with whom they played. Helping them to recall these memories from earlier in the day can make it easier to bring up memories from other activities.

Did you know that your child constructed a military base with the help of their classmates? Did you know there was an intense battle on the playground where students had to run here and there in order to avoid enemy fire?

Did you know the girls made a small house? Did you know they role played as different family members and went in and out of the house on several errands?

Could you ever have imagined that the boys in their military fortress would have a war with the girls in their house? That they ran here and there, stealing building blocks from each other's buildings in order to fortify their own? Or that finally, when the kids started kicking and destroying each other's buildings, the teacher had to sit everyone down and have a lesson about what counts as "too far" when playing together?

If parents simply accept a child's response of "nothing", then the full story of what a child did at school will remain stuck in that child's mind. Parents can talk amongst each other or ask their child's teacher for tips on how to get kids talking about their school day.