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Bully or Buddy

Time: 20 Apr. 2018    Author: WIS

Grade Four have been learning a lot about friendships recently. We have had many lessons on how to be a good friend and what kinds of behaviors could upset the people around us.

 We learnt about different kinds of bullying, both direct and indirect, and also what kinds of behaviors would constitute bullying. We discussed the ways in which we could make our classroom a happy environment for everyone.


After reading an inspirational book, A Hundred Dresses, which was all about a little girl being teased by her classmates for wearing the same dress everyday, the students in Grade Four put the lessons we have learnt in English to the test and wrote their own stories about bullying. Each of their stories had a meaningful message, and a lesson to learn about bullying. They incorporated some of the different kinds of bullying we learnt in the classes before to teach the reader how to behave, or how not to behave.


We can all think of new ways to make the people around us feel happier each day.