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Just want to have fun

Time: 07 May. 2018    Author: WIS

Montessori, play-based learning, inquiry...there are many different education styles implemented throughout the world all aimed at "best" developing children to prepare them for adulthood. While few would suggest that proven-to-be-effective methods of education are of great value to children, one should be careful not to leave out a sometimes overlooked aspect of

This isn't saying that fun should be connected to a lesson plan in ways such as fun math activities, fun reading practice, etc. This isn't suggesting that parents or teachers need to guide children's play time to make it fun and educational. This is remembering the importance of truly "free" play time in a child's life.

Eager adults sometimes push children into situations where the child feels uncomfortable or simply isn't ready...forgetting that children are generally, as one might imagine, much more capable of having fun than some grown-ups without necessarily having the most apparently fun things at their disposal.

What is fun for children? For an example, look no further than K5's activities during the week leading up to the May Day holiday. Some children got themselves messy with newspaper and glue while making paper mache planets. Some got themselves and the classroom messy while using all sorts of colors of paint to create a space scene with their classmates.

If one needs any other examples of how children can have fun without adults designing it, simply give any collection of materials to a child, sit back, and watch their imagination