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How Many Are Missing?

Time: 15 May. 2018    Author: WIS

K5 is at it again. This time, K5 students are practicing subtraction. Before taking math tests or doing math problems on worksheets, young children need to develop strong number sense by easily associating written numerals with real life objects.

That's why K5 started the week off practicing subtraction by using whatever objects they could find around the classroom. First, they laid out a set number of items on the table. Next, all but one student closed their eyes. The single student removed some of the objects from the table and when classmates opened their eyes, they had to figure out how many things were missing.

Practice makes perfect, so the next morning students had a chance to create their own equations using subtraction or addition. The teacher asked students to simply write one equation and then show that equation to the teacher. Never missing a chance to impress, the K5 students proceeded to write countless equations between themselves and even used dots, an important tool for developing one-to-one correspondence, as a way to double check themselves and add some "flavor" to their activity. Keep up the good work, K5