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What is heavier than K4?

Time: 15 May. 2018    Author: WIS

The kids in K4 have spent the past few weeks weighing things up. The class started by learning about scales and weights and how to use them correctly.  They then looked at different objects in the classroom and tried to guess which objects would be heavier and which would be lighter. The class even went so far as to try, comparing students and teachers according to who they thought would be the heaviest, and whom they thought would be lightest.  This was also fun and interactive way to help the children to practice using comparatives and superlatives correctly.

 Next, it was time to move things outside and go on a nature trail around the school grounds. The class went on a hunt for natural objects that were either heavy or light. We collected as many leaves, twigs, branches stones and bark as possible together and tried to categorize them by sight as to which object would be heaviest and which would be the lightest. Then it was time to see if we were correct by using scales. The children soon discovered that small things are not necessarily light and, more surprisingly to some members of the class, big does not always mean that something is heavy.

 Finally, to conclude K4’s science project the class got a little bit creative and used the objects that they collected on their explorations outside of the classroom and used them to paint with and to also paint on. The children used pieces of bark and stones to make bumpy textured patterns and some of the class where even inventive enough to use leaves as paintbrushes. Other children decided to make their own magic wands by dipping twigs in gold paint while others decided make dull grey rocks look more beautiful by painting them all the colors of the rainbow.