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Sand playing season!

Time: 29 May. 2018    Author: WIS

This week's weather made us feel the power of summer, but we heard that summer and dredging are well matched. This is not, the children of the international school of wuxi are wearing small rain shoes, wear upstream goggles, in the school sand pool to dig for treasure!

"Look, teacher! I dug up dinosaur fossils." "Look at me, my cart is carrying sand." The slurred little cuddly cuddly people use small spatulas to make sand, dig sand, not only exercise their wrist fine movements, but also develop imagination and promote brain development. The babies are free and free, and they can play in the sand pool with their friends. They can also play with their favorite ways and feel the joy of self-control. They will be happy. For those who lack confidence or are more withdrawn, they feel more satisfied and fulfilled.

Watching the kids have a lot of fun, are you excited?