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Field trip for Wuxi International School Kindergarten department

Time: 29 May. 2018    Author: WIS

Water is the source of our life, and we can not live without water at one fifteen. But fresh water resources that can be used are heavily polluted. In order to raise children's awareness of saving water and valuing water resources, children from Wuxi International School Kindergarten visited and studied in Wuxi Gong Shui ecological science museum.  


Coming to the museum, the staff took the children to visit the science museum, telling the children about the sewage treatment process and the way to protect the water resources. Then, take the children to the ecological corner of the science museum, enjoy the ecological balance of the clear pool, the pool of green and oily water and grass, small fish swim freely. "Honey, do you live in small fish at home? Because the small fish has no suitable ecological environment for its life in the fish tank. 

Without water grass, poor water quality will endanger the life of the small fish. " The staff took the children to visit and introduce them. After the activities, the children have been deeply aware of the importance of water to us, and the conservation of water, and the importance of protecting the environment for all the living things on the earth.